The placenta is cleaned then steamed with all natural herbs.  

The placenta is dehydrated And then ground.

Finally the Placenta is encapsulated.

Placenta encapsulation services

What is placenta encapsulation?

This is the Process where the placenta is Steamed with all natural herbs, dehydrated, ground, finally it is then encapsulated. The placenta is an organ that is attached to mom and baby. This organ provides nutrients from mom to baby. 

  1. Less fatigue and more energy! Research has shown that placenta encapsulation gives new moms more energy. After birth you’re exhausted with recovery and taking care of a newborn. Placenta encapsulation can give you the boost you may need.
  2. More Milk! Another great bonus is increasing your milk supply. Mothers often worry if baby is getting enough milk or your drying up. Placenta encapsulation has been shown an increase in mothers milk supply.
  3. More Oxycontin please! Placenta encapsulation provides the benefit of the release of more Oxycontin. Oxytocin is the wonderful hormone that aids in the bonding with baby. The placenta is an organ in which also creates its own hormones.
  4. Prevention! One of the best benefits of encapsulation is to avoid the baby blues. It help lighten mothers mood. When Depression and fatigue are reduced after birth both parents are able to enjoy the new life they just received.